Monday, March 6, 2017


Your furnace keeps your house warm and just like any appliance, it requires some care to work at top performance. There are three different types of furnaces: gas, electric and oil. Each one functions a little bit differently, but each should be maintained. Some maintenance is best left to professionals, but there are some pretty simple things that you can do yourself to prevent problems. Here are some general tips on maintenance for your furnace that you can follow.

  • For a gas furnace, make sure the pilot light is lit.

  • Replace the filter in a gas furnace at the beginning of the season and every 30 days until the end of the season.

  • Keep any type of furnace free of dirt.

  • Check the flue and make sure it is venting outside.

  • Keep the blower motor well lubricated.

  • Replace the oil filter three to four times a year in an oil furnace.

  • Electric furnaces are best cared for by a professional. Have it maintained yearly.

When you keep your furnace clean and well cared for, you are more likely to have a warm house during the cold, winter months. If you feel your furnace is not working properly, check for any of the above mentioned problems first. For more information regarding furnace maintenance, call Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning.
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