Monday, January 15, 2018


When was the last time you had your HVAC system serviced? If you haven't had a visit from your HVAC technician within the past year, then it's time to have your system professionally inspected and maintained. Without regularly scheduled service, you could be missing out on the following benefits.


Nearly half of the average home's energy usage goes toward keeping your home comfortable year-round. With heating and cooling representing the largest energy expense in your home, making sure your HVAC system is operating as efficiently as possible should be a paramount goal.

Even if your HVAC system isn't suffering from any obvious problems, it can still suffer a noticeable decline in energy efficiency as time goes on. Skipping out on regularly scheduled maintenance can make your HVAC system even less efficient, causing it to consume more energy just to perform the same amount of work as before.

Just as giving your car a regular tune-up helps improve its fuel economy, having your HVAC system serviced on a regular basis can help reduce its energy consumption and lower your annual heating and cooling bills.


Recent studies have found that the air inside your home often contains a higher level of harmful pollutants than outdoor air. Given that the average person spends most of their time indoors, poor indoor air quality can have a tremendous impact on your health. For instance, poor air quality can easily trigger allergies and asthma symptoms, especially in children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems.

Your HVAC system plays an important role when it comes to regulating your home's indoor air quality. A neglected HVAC system that's full of dust and debris is next to useless for keeping your indoor air reasonably clean. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps keep your HVAC equipment clean, which in turn gives your home healthier and cleaner indoor air.


Nothing brings about a feeling of dread faster than your HVAC system suddenly breaking down when you need it most. Emergency repairs can be a time-consuming and expensive experience, especially if you're dealing with unreliable equipment with a tendency to break down at multiple points throughout the year.

There's no guarantee that your HVAC system won't need an emergency repair at some point in its life. Staying on top of your HVAC system's maintenance, however, can help lessen the likelihood of it needing one.


Another reason to stay on top of your HVAC system's maintenance is that it can drastically affect the longevity of your heating and cooling equipment. A typical HVAC system can offer anywhere from 15 to 25 years of reliable service before needing replacement. Of course, this longevity depends greatly on how well you've maintained your system throughout its life.

Without regular maintenance, your HVAC system will have a much shorter lifespan due to increased parts wear and system damage due to neglect. A lack of regular maintenance also means you'll likely find yourself investing in another HVAC system sooner than you expect. Keeping up with your HVAC system's maintenance also leaves you with greater peace of mind when it comes to reliability and overall performance.


Regularly scheduled maintenance is absolutely essential if you want your HVAC system to deliver effective and reliable comfort year-round. Without proper maintenance, your HVAC equipment won't be able to perform at the level required to efficiently meet your home's heating and cooling needs.

A comprehensive service agreement can help you stay on top of your HVAC system's maintenance at a reasonable cost. To find out more about our available preventative maintenance plans, contact the professionals at Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., today.